Thank you for your interest in our company. Please take a few minutes to read our company’s Privacy Policy.


American PPO respects the privacy of personal information and understands the importance of maintaining this information as confidential and secure. This notice describes how we protect the confidentiality of the personal information we receive. Our practices apply to current and former clients, members and providers.


American PPO takes precautions to protect the privacy of its website users and to prevent the unauthorized dissemination of any information provided by those users. Our goal is to ensure that this website is secure. All data, correspondence and responses that you (the user of this website) provide, will be handled on-line and off-line with confidentiality and professionalism as described in further detail below. Data integrity is of utmost importance to us and we have taken all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized access.


American PPO appreciates the opportunity to provide services to you and your health care plan. In the course of providing these services, American PPO must collect, use and disclose information of a confidential nature.

This Notice of Privacy extends beyond our website to all areas and mechanisms of American PPO’s business interactions. This Notice addresses our serious concern regarding handling of your information that we regard as private and confidential. Therefore, we have policies and procedures in place to protect this information against unlawful use and disclosure.

Your Rights


At American PPO, we are aware of the privacy concerns of our clients, members, providers and the general public who may visit our website. The privacy of our customers is very important to American PPO. We share your concerns and want you to know we are committed to ensuring that when you visit or communicate with us via our website, we will not collect personal information about you, unless you provide that information voluntarily.

If you elect to provide personal information to us voluntarily, in no case will we sell, license or transmit that information outside of American PPO except when required to do so by legal process, or when we do so in accordance with any authorization/consent you have given us. Also, in some cases, we may make limited disclosure of information to our contractors or agents for the purpose of enabling them to perform certain functions for us in the course of our business, but only as necessary for the specific business function required of such contractors or agents.

By "PERSONAL INFORMATION," we mean data that is unique to an individual, such as name, address, social security number or telephone number. We may request this personal information from you at our website in order to deliver requested materials to you, respond to your question or deliver a product or service.


We collect a variety of personal information to provide services to our clients and providers. Members provide some of this information on enrollment forms, surveys and correspondence (such as address, social security number, and dependent information). We also receive personal information (such as eligibility or claims information) through transactions with our affiliates, clients, employers, other insurers and health care providers. We retain this information after a member’s coverage ends. We limit the collection of personal information to what is necessary to administer our business, provide quality service and meet any regulatory requirement.


American PPO will treat personal information securely and confidentially. We limit access to personal information to only those persons who need to know that information in order to provide our products or service to members (for example, our claims processors and case managers). When storing non-public personal information electronically or on paper, we maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect against unauthorized access and use. Access to our facilities is limited to authorized personnel and we use various technologies to protect information maintained electronically.

We have established a Privacy Office, which has overall responsibility for developing privacy and security policies and procedures to safeguard non-public personal information against uses and disclosures that are inconsistent with applicable law. Our Privacy Officer is also responsible for training and educating our personnel regarding our privacy and security policies and procedures, and for overseeing the implementation and enforcement of these policies. Individuals are trained on the importance of safeguarding this information and must comply with our procedures and applicable law. We follow strict physical, electronic and procedural security standards to protect personal information, and maintain internal procedures to promote the integrity and accuracy of that information.


American PPO may share any of the personal information we collect with our affiliates as permitted by law in the course of our business operations. We may also disclose information to non-affiliated entities or individuals as permitted or required by law, but only as necessary for the operation of our business. Non-affiliates to whom we may disclose information as permitted by law include our attorneys, accountants, auditors, a member’s authorized representative, health care providers, third party administrators, insurance agents, brokers, other insurers, consumer reporting agencies and law enforcement or regulatory authorities. We do not disclose personal information to any other third party without a member’s request, consent or authorization.


American PPO uses IP addresses of users of our website to analyze trends, to administer the website, to track user movement and to gather broad demographic information for aggregate uses. IP addresses are basically numeric web addresses used between computers, servers, and enable American PPO to identify Internet Service Providers (ISP) that web users utilize. This will assist American PPO with market research and trends. These IP addresses are not linked to personally identifiable information.


This website contains hyperlinks to other websites not owned or controlled by American PPO. Please be aware that American PPO is not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites. We recommend that when you leave our site, you review the privacy policies and disclaimers from all the websites you may visit.


Please be aware that any e-mail message sent to American PPO is susceptible to potential outside interception. Outside sources may be able to access e-mail without the knowledge of sender or recipient throughout the internet. American PPO employees, other than the American PPO employee to whom an e-mail communication is addressed, may read e-mail received by American PPO as necessary by business practice and process. We strongly suggest that if you wish to give American PPO any information while minimizing the risk of unauthorized disclosure of such information, you contact us by telephone at the numbers listed and/or by using the toll free numbers listed on your ID Card.


American PPO reserves the right to change the content within these WebPages and in this Privacy Policy at any time without notice. This Privacy Policy is not intended in any way as an agreement, stated or implied, on behalf of any party. Use of this website is at your discretion and risk.


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American PPO is not to be held responsible for information contained in websites not owned, controlled, or maintained by American PPO, even though there may be a connection to or from a web page owned, controlled of maintained by American PPO via hyperlinks and/or pointers. American PPO has no control over information on any other organization’s website(s).


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding American PPO’s Privacy Policy, please contact us directly using our online form.


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