American PPO, Inc. is the Preferred Provider Organization for the Arkansas Region, extending to the states of Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Missouri. The Arkansas Regional Network consist of over 10,000 physicians, 305 hospitals, and 13,000 ancillary service providers, our quality provider network offers comprehensive network coverage second to none.

American PPO's National Ancillary Network, www.americannan.com, consists of over 40,000 ancillary providers nationwide.

As we continue to expand our coverage area, American PPO continues to uphold its commitment to supplying every participating healthcare provider with marketing resources to facilitate their growth and success. American PPO understands that our healthcare providers are the foundation of our business and we have a responsibility to help our network providers connect with payors in order to facilitate growth and strengthen their position in the current market.

American PPO is committed to delivering the highest quality customer service to our clients while offering significant savings to our covered members. We build our network one relationship at a time because we feel that healthcare should be about people. Our daily goal is to offer you a RESPONSIVE and CARING team of individuals dedicated to helping you obtain CONSIDERABLE SAVINGS on your healthcare claims and answer any questions you may have regarding our network.

American PPO is a network that delivers! Call us today and speak personally with any one of our American PPO customer service representatives to learn more about the products and services offered through our quality provider network.

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305+ Facilities


     Acute Care Facilities

     Long Term Care Facilities

     Mental Health Facilities

     Rehabilitation Hospitals

     Pediatric Hospitals

     Urgent Care Centers


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10,000+ Physicians / Specialists




     Dental Care

     General and Family Practice

     General and Specialty Surgery

     Internal Medicine



     Various other Medical Specialists



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40,000+ Ancillary Providers


     Ambulatory Surgery Centers

     Audiological Equipment

     Bone Growth Stimulators

     Chiropractic Services

     Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology


     Disease Management

     Durable Medical Equipment

     Emergency Transportation

     Home Health / Infusion Therapy

     Hospice Services

     Laboratory Services

     Orthotics and Prosthetics

     Pain Management

     Physical and Occupational Therapy

     Respiratory Therapy

     Skilled Nursing Facilities

     Sleep Diagnostics

     Specialty Pharmaceuticals

     Speech Therapy

     Vision Care


Please note: Each marker represents a zip code with multiple provider sites and facilities.